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going on a big break

2010-08-16 17:33:52 by BlondeNinja

Hey people of ng, sorry to say I'm going a break for a while, I'm geting sick of ng and flash so I won't be back till 2011 sorry everyone but I just need to get away from this site. So ill see you next year. I might come on every once and a while to check on things but yea.
Happy clock day 2010!!
See you in a few months!
I'm singing out.

anmation blah!

2010-06-25 22:47:57 by BlondeNinja

so i didnt have time to make anything fo blondeninjas aniversity. (its summer you know! i gotta get wen its nice and when i can!) so i continue to work on the bulley flash. kinda. i have gone almost a year without production. had some problems with flash running. but now its just life geting in the way. i hope to get this flash done sometime in the summer but you know like i said. i will add a picture soon of bulley: sling shot. but hardly any scenes are done. actually one scene is done. and its the opening credits and a little interduction of the characters. so yea.

blondeninjas 1st aniversery

2010-06-01 21:11:04 by BlondeNinja

so next month is going to be the day blondeninja ever came to newgrounds!!!!!!
i might do something special for it. i might not. i dunno yet.
But the bulle flash is in progress!
but only two scenes or so have been completed.
ive kinda hit a bump in production. theres three things that have happend.
1. i have no voice actor. i dont know what happend to the orginal voice actor and im not desprate enough to do it myself or even settle for a crappy voice actor. so i need a male voice about 16 to do jimmy hopkins. just pm and ill send you lines. and then i need an adult voice for the prefect!
2. i need bg from the game so if anyone knowes where to get bg music from videogames plz tell me.
3. i need to get music from zelda so if you also know where plz tell me that to. ha ha!
Anyway im stil woundering if i should even bother working on the webpage i had planned on geting up and running in a month. i might just work on it during school. but the summer is comming so i will have more time to work on the flash. heres a scene from Bulley: Slingshot!.
P.S. im going to choose the best set of lines i hear so please send good auditions!

blondeninjas 1st aniversery


2010-05-17 23:02:44 by BlondeNinja

Damn i havent on in a hell of a long time. lots have happend since then. In my personal life anyway!
i have a girlfriend
Ive been plaing xbox wich i now have
and im currently beating Resident evil 5 which im a huge fan of the series!

Newgrounds life:
i havent started shit and im trying to get back into it but its hard
im hopeing to make the second bulley flash soon and get it done finally then start on the third flash!
well thanks ans ill be on more now.

hey everyone

2010-02-13 15:40:27 by BlondeNinja

Wow i havent been on in a while. i havent even started any of my flashes! ive been really busy latley and i have 4 days off so i decided to get back on and check. i might start the new bulley flash but we got a new computer so i have to find my flash 8 document in some folders so i might not start it lol

not making it

2009-12-28 15:47:36 by BlondeNinja

hey everyone i have decided im not going to make a christmas flash. its hard. so im just going to start the next bully flash as soon as i can. ill add a picture once i start!

New flash

2009-11-30 22:17:01 by BlondeNinja

Hey everyone its finally here after 3 months of struggling to get flash 8 i got it and after 3 hard weeks of working i made Bully:itching powder HURRAY!!!!!!! well i hope you enjoy oh and im still working on geting m icon i just havent gotten around to it yet lol
P.S. I hope to start Bully: sling shot to and maybe i might start a christmas flash but i dont know yet! so see ya around


2009-10-31 17:35:08 by BlondeNinja

i got flash 8 so now im once again working on BULLEY and it wont be done for a little while but i have all the voices i need so it shouldnt take to much longer. i just have to get used to it again since i havent used flash since July!!!!!!! but thanks to a reliable source i got it back and it working fantastic!
p.s the website will now be put on hold becasue im devoteing my time to working on the flash.


2009-09-28 18:27:43 by BlondeNinja

hey evey one! im working on creating a website and its in full production! If you want to see a preview just click here! Ill have my email and my website put up when the website is up and running! so if you want to know more about this website just post a comment on here! Thanks
ps. I still dont have flash working. which is why im working on the website. but i soon as i have flash 8 again ill start working on the BULLY flash!

havent been on.......

2009-08-25 17:59:53 by BlondeNinja

hey sorry i havent been on in a while because i havent had time to get on. but i have some sad news. Flash 8 is gone from m computer and i cant put it back on it sux so the bulley flash has been delayed i mean WAAAAAY delayed because i dont know how im going to get it back. so thats it!
Ps. i forgot. i just bought RE: 1 remake for my GC and im working on it i just put all the death masks in (for all re fans that know what i am talking about) so far i have beaten only four and umbrella chronicles but im working on 1,2,3 and CV!